05 May 2011

PETRONAS Twin Towers

Photo taken on 14 January 2011.

The twins have to be the most photographed man-made structure in all of Malaysia. Read all about them here. Visiting up the skybridge that connects the twins at levels 41 and 42 used to be free but these days, a Malaysian adult or any child below 12 years old pays RM3 while a foreign adult pays RM10 for the privilege. For RM20 (Malaysian adult or any child below 12 years old) or RM40 (foreign adult), a visitor can go up to the observation deck on level 86 and the skybridge. For the curious, there are 88 levels or floors in the both buildings. Tickets are limited, so be sure to come early in the morning, except on Mondays when visits are not available.

I once worked here and frankly, one of the things that I would try to avoid then was coming here on my off-days. Not even to shop.
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04 May 2011

Zero KM, Kota Kinabalu

You Are Here

This site was gazetted on 8 August 1996 but was only inaugurated on 16 March 2011. In case you are wondering, it's located in the compound of the Sabah Tourism Board building, one of the oldest buildings in town. The building's history dates back to 1916. Here's a cool link about the inauguration.
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Pavement, Beach Street, Kota Kinabalu. Picture taken 1 May 2011.

03 May 2011

Labour Day Outing

 Baby baby baby ohh.

A group of my work colleagues, who happened to be photography enthusiasts went on a photography walkabout at the famous Gaya Street fair. It was a fun and enjoyable day. The photo above is my favorite shot of the day. 

After lunch, we headed to the Times Book Fair 2011 at Suria Sabah shopping complex. There were too many books to look through and as I was too tired to look at all of them, I only got three novels (one hardcover and two softcover) and a career related book (for the year 2011 no less), all for RM36. The fair will run until 8 May 2011. (Note: Book purchases year-to-date count: RM504)
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