26 September 2008

Manila Trip (August 2008)

Last month, I was in Manila for a break over a weekend with my nephew. It was a short three-day trip, so there wasn't much time to do a lot. To make things worse, the weather was not so good. Apparently, August is the rainiest month in a year for Manila. Well, it rained almost every morning and night then.

Anyway, the trip was a trip for shopping especially for my nephew, so we didn't go to a lot of sites. However, we managed to visit Intramuros area and walk along the ocean boulevard the when the weather was good. Other than that, it was this mall and that mall. I also find the people beautiful. The only thing I didn't like was that almost everyone spoke to me in Tagalog, which I only know of a few words. More often that not, I had to say that I am a Malaysian to each one of them.

Based on my trip, I'm definite that I'll visit the Philippines again. It's a good place to shop (at least Manila) and I know there are a lot of interesting places to visit among its over seven thousand islands. By the way, I can now add another country to the list of countries that I have visited. And, I also managed to visit another world heritage site, one of the baroque churches of the Philippines, the San Agustin Church of Manila (in Intramuros).
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Of would be toads and frogs

If he (the one who shall not be named) has his way, he'll be the prime minister by now. Of course, with the help of would be toads and frogs. If this happens, I don't have much to say especially about these toads and the frogs except they are the lowliest form of scum on earth. If they are in an aquarium, they'll be the fish eating the shit of the other fishes. They are unprincipled, self-centered and ....... (fill in the worst expletive that you can think of).

I also pray to the Almighty that the worst misfortunes and disasters will befall on them and their next seven generations. What they are doing goes beyond democratic principles. If they have the guts and balls, step down as elected representatives and let the people choose again.

To conclude, here's a riddle on those would be toads and frogs:

Question: What's the difference between these would be toads and frogs Members of Parliament and a pail of shit?

Answer: The pail.

So, there!
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16 September 2008

It went by and despite all the talk, we still had the same government of day as we had when the March general elections. What I don't understand is why is you (the one who shall not be named) are so bent on becoming the prime minister? If we, the people, can wait for five years to change the government (see Selangor, Perak, Penang & Kedah), why can't you? Why do you have to create all these uncertainties in the country? The people have chosen the government of day in March and leave it at that.

Instead, what you should be doing is lead an effective opposition and ensure that the states governed by the opposition will be better in the next five years. Do that and I believe when your time comes, you'll be all that you want to be. Do your job now well and the people will support you. But don't do what you are doing now. It's undemocratic and unethical.
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04 September 2008

Happy Ramadan

I know I am a few days late but I hope everyone celebrating the month of Ramadan will have a blessed time. One of the best things about this whole month is the Pasar Ramadan or Ramadan Market. At this place, you can get all sorts of food for breaking fast. In some cases, you can even find food, which are typically not available all year round. Anyway, if you are in Kota Kinabalu and its vicinity, there are a few designated Pasar Ramadans.

The one I like, however, is in Kem Lok Kawi, an army camp outside of the city. Having gone to five years of secondary school in West Malaysia, the West Malaysian food offered at the Lokkawi Camp are the closest to the ones I had before. Kem Lok Kawi is a bit far, so I only get to go there on weekends.
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