22 April 2011

My Photography and I

First and foremost, for the record, I'm not professionally trained or anything like it. I just tweak with my tools, try to get the best angle and then, shoot. I usually use either the camera on my Nokia E-72 (and a few other Nokia models and an O2 model before it), my point and shoot Olympus FE-310 or my DSLR, Olympus E-520. The DSLR comes with twin kit lens (14-42mm and 40-150mm).

Sometimes the photos turn out okay (for me, at least), sometimes they don't. The ones I put up are the ones I like, of course. A photo not shared is a photo not taken. Your constructive criticisms on these photos are most welcome.

Please note that I do not perform any post-processing on my photos, save for reducing the size, say from 1 to 4 MB to an uploading/downloading friendly size. What you see is what I shot. I strongly feel that if I'm to share my photos with anyone, the photos must be how I saw them and not how I imagined them.
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Darth Vadder said...

wahh ada new lensssss

Jae said...

DV: masa beli dulu memang ada dah dua lens hehehe.

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